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Employees like to work in a nice, clean environment.  Not only is it a source of pride for your employees to work in a sanitary, clean environment, but it also reflects as to how the local business's owners value their employees.  When your employees get ready in the morning to look professional for their co-workers and to represent the company in a professional manner, they do this out of pride for themselves, and for the company they work for.  Keeping a clean office environment is important for employee moral, and shows mutual respect.  Munroe's Commercial Cleaning located in Whitmore Lake, Mi is your top choice for local office cleaning!

You would be reluctant to eat at a place that has a dirty bathroom.  This same impression carries over to the commercial office environment.  If you bring clients through the office, you really need to make a good impression, as the tidiness of your office can reflect upon you as a service provider; if you don't care about your area, how can you care about your client's?  

Our basic cleaning service includes:

  • Evening, weekly, or semi-weekly cleaning office cleaning
  • Top-to-bottom dusting 
  • Restroom cleaning and re-stocking 
  • Cubicle partition cleaning 
  • Kitchen/break room cleaning and re-stocking 
  • Vacuuming 
  • Glass and mirror cleaning 
  • Trash and recycling removal 
  • Windows, upholstery, and drapery cleaning 


We will customize your cleaning and schedule, tailored to your office.

Office Sanitizing

Germs can be a problem in areas where multiple people work.  On average, office workers come in contact with 10mm bacteria daily.  Employees bring germs with them from home to the office, and also bring germs from the office back to their homes.  Germs are important to our immune systems, but can make you sick.  Even a typical office desk contains over 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet.  Office phones have over 25k germs per square inch.  Personal work stations accumulate dust and grime, and when an employee becomes sick, it affects productivity.  We pay extra attention to high touch areas, such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles, and push plates.  Restrooms are the most sensitive places to clean.  Without detailed cleaning and sanitation, it will become a health hazard.  Floors need to look clean and shiny.  We know how to make your office look high-end and make your employees comfortable.

EPA Approved

We use EPA approved commercial-strength cleaning solutions, and use color-coded microfiber cloths with designated colors for each work area to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between food areas, restrooms, and work areas.  Keeping the office sanitized not only reduces sick time, but minimizes issues with pests.  Keeping the office sanitized also helps air quality, where the air in an office can be over 500% worse than air outdoors.

One mistake some business owners make is to offload the cleaning duties onto an employee.  That employee has other duties, and will just go through the motions to make the office look decent enough.  For example, for any area to disinfect, the cleaner must be left for 30 to 60 seconds to be effective.  Since it's not what they do, they aren't as thorough and don't perform all the functions as a professional cleaning service.

Higher employee moral, improved employee health, and positive customer perceptions are a result of a disinfected and clean office space.


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