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There are a lot of important components which go into janitorial services. Our janitorial service is composed of different cleaning duties performed in a way that is not only thorough and accurate but dependable and persistent. This is how our janitors transform your office space to the highest level of cleanliness and appearance, simultaneously utilizing a very economically savvy approach. This essentially means you will get all of the janitorial services you need but in a way that is affordable and won't put a dent in your wallet.

All you have to do is give us an simple call and we will handle the rest for you. If you are seeking faithful, trustworthy experts who are fully-trained in janitorial services call Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC, which is not only your local business but has been proudly offering its services since 2014.

You will receive quality customer service and the best assistance for every janitorial need which comes your way. Our management is easy to communicate with and our supervisors are not only hands-on but very well trained.
Our company is the perfect size because we aren't so big that we just see you as another number in a line. To us you are a unique business and you have special needs. This allows us to give you genuine customer service. We are also not so small that we lack the tools and resources needed to take on big jobs. Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC is just the logical choice when it comes to janitorial services.
There are many reasons to choose Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC. We will gladly provide you with 24/7 service. You may need janitorial services at any time of the day or night, any day, and we understand that. We can take care of your janitorial needs in a manner that is not only fast but sufficient due to our team of accessible management and hands on supervisors. We faithfully comply to OSHA standards and regulations and we employ advanced safety training. We offer a complete spectrum of services.

Local Janitor Service

Whatever your commercial cleaning needs may be we cover it. Some of our services include emergency services, blind cleaning, garbage removal, upholstery cleaning, elevator/escalator cleaning, window cleaning, special event services, floor care including hard floor and carpet, restroom cleaning and sanitation, and special event services. If you have any other janitorial service needs we are happy to step in and take care it.

Janitorial History

Janitors are also commonly known as custodians or in the UK caretakers. A janitor functions as a cleaner who primarily works in places such as schools and hospitals but janitors are needed in any large commercial or government building. Most of the work done by janitors is indoors, and some janitors will also do security or maintenance services. 

Whitmore Lake Area

  • 24 Hour Service: Nights and weekends, you still need janitorial services, and we'll consistently provide them
  • Hands-On Supervisors & Accessible Management to meet your unique janitorial needs quickly and effectively
  • Advanced Safety Training and strict OSHA compliance
  • Full Range of Janitor Services offered: From nightly cleaning to regularly scheduled carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance

Our Janitorial Services:

  • Blind cleaning
  • Emergency services
  • Escalator and elevator cleaning
  • Floor care
  • Break room cleaning
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Special event services
  • Trash removal
  • Window cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning


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