Floor Stripping

Searching for a commercial cleaning company to handle your VCT floor stripping and waxing, aka floor finishing?

floor strippingMunroe’s provides floor stripping services that will ensure that your floors will be sparkling all throughout the year. We make sure that your business doesn’t experience any downtime or inconvenienced while we are doing our job. We do this by scheduling the work around your hours of operation. We can do our work overnight or during the weekend. Munroe’s Commercial Cleaning is a commercial floor stripping and floor finishing company that you can trust. 

Floor Stripping Process

First thing we do is to remove all the furniture and obstacles from the work area. Then we set up the area by cordoning it off and setting up the proper wet floor or caution signs. We will also place mats at the exit area to prevent spreading stripping materials to other areas of the building. The floor is vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. 

The next step is to prepare the stripping materials. We line the mop bucket with a plastic liner to contain the stripper and prevent it from entering the bucket area. Then we pour the stripping solution into the bucket. Our teams of cleaners are equipped with the required safety clothing such as protective boots, face masks, gloves and glasses. 

Then we will apply the solution with a mop and let it sit for a couple of minutes to loosen the floor finish. It is important not to allow the floor stripper to dry. Then we use a floor buffer with a floor stripping pad. Our cleaners know the right techniques to ensure that all the floor area has been stripped. There are some areas that need to be passed several times to completely remove the old floor wax. 

The next step is to rinse the floor with floor stripping neutralizer. The entire floor area must be rinsed after stripping the floor. It is important to neutralize the floor before applying new floor wax so that it will adhere properly. Then we rinse the floor with clean water to make sure all the stripping solution has been removed. Once the floor has been completely dry, we apple two to three coats of high-quality floor finish. The floor must be dried before placing back all the furniture and other stuff that were there before. 

After our floor stripping and waxing services, cleaning and maintaining your floor will be much easier. Now you can have shiny, sparkling floor without the need to do a lot of work. Call us today to schedule a floor stripping and waxing appointment. We will also be happy to answer any of your questions with regards to our services.

Floor Maintenance Services:

Munroe's also provides floor maintenance services such as spray buffing and top coating!  Contact us today for more information!

Looking for a quality, reliable commercial cleaning company to strip and finish your floors? Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC has been in the floor maintenance business for . Our crews are lead by experienced supervisors who will ensure that your floor stripping and floor finishing job is completed to your high standards.

What's more, Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC can recommend a floor maintenance program to keep your commercial floors sparkling year round! There is a science to proper floor maintenance. If not done correctly, peeling and bubbles can occur, leaving your VCT flooring looking unkempt. If not maintained properly, your VCT flooring will wear and scratch quickly, potentially damaging your floor investment.

The solution? Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC! We'll set you up on a floor maintenance program that will keep your floors looking great.

Types of Facilities Served:

  • Offices Break Rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Shops
  • Shopping Centers, Grocery Stores, Markets
  • Medical Centers
  • Lobbies

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