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One of the most important tasks of a construction project is cleaning. This may seem strange, but fast and effective cleaning can save costs on a project, improve safety and reduce injuries on the site, and present a favorable impression to project managers, clients, and financiers who may insist on visiting the site during construction.

Local Job Site Cleaning

During construction work, trash and debris are scattered around the area, dust gathers, wood and materials accumulate. This makes the site look in disarray to those not involved directly with the construction work, and causes safety issues as workers must navigate debris. Costs increase as well, because if workers are tasked with cleaning the area, this requires time not spent on the construction project. For financiers of the project, when they see a nice, clean site, they feel better about the project because it gives them confidence that there is structure and organization of the project. A dirty area can make them feel like workers are slacking and corners are being cut.

Trash Removal Service

Trash removal is a service all in its own. Transporting the trash to the dumpsters, and then removing the dumpsters from the site involves a lot of work. Dumping the trash is not an easy task either, as various dump sites have their own particular requirements. We will remove the burdensome trash and legally dispose of it. Illegal dumping is a problem for our environment, as some services choose not to properly dispose of trash. We provide receipts and documentation on request so you can have piece of mind that you aren't using a service who hurts the environment.

As work progresses, dust and nails accumulate on the floor. We will sweep and vacuum to remove this debris, offloading another tedious and time consuming task from your crew. As a bonus, the next morning when the crew arrives, moral is enhanced when they arrive to a nice, clean job site and they can get right to work. Nobody likes to work in a messy area, and no construction worker wants to start cleaning first thing when they arrive on the job site.

Dust Removal

After the framing, electrical, and plumbing are installed and it's time for installing the walls and ceiling, drywall yields a lot of dust. Unfortunately, this dust must be removed before painting, as it can show through the paint. We will wipe down and clean the walls and ceiling, making the transition from post-framing to painting a breeze. As the cabinets and fixtures are installed, we wipe them down and clean them. Silver, brass, and other fixtures are polished to make them pop.

At the end of the project, the flooring is installed, appliances are hooked up, and bathrooms are finalized. We clean and scrub the new floor, clean the baseboards, vacuum any carpet areas and lay down runners. The windows are cleaned, scented aroma plug-ins are inserted in outlets, and any required light staging items are displayed for the finishing touch. Once we're done, the property has been cleaned spotless and ready for showings.

On-site Construction Cleaning

  • High dusting
  • Wall dusting
  • Detail vacuuming
  • Trash removal
  • Cabinet cleaning and polishing
  • Fixture cleaning and polishing
  • Silver and brass cleaning and polishing
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Window cleaning

From the start of the project to the very end, cleaning is an important task throughout that requires attention to detail, diligence, and tediousness, from heavy lifting and removal of trash, to the finesse of the aromatics at the end. We work in parallel with your crew to handling the cleaning, and after the construction is complete to prepare the property for showing.


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