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commercial carpet cleaningYou want your business to be professional at all levels. This means you have to have professionals to keep everything pristine.  This is where Munroe’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning comes in!  Your business’s carpets and flooring are part of its image.  When people visit your business one of the first things they notice is your flooring. It is no wonder that companies spend a significant amount of money on their flooring such as carpeting, hard woods, tile, etc…  That flooring needs care and maintenance.  Without the necessary cleaning and maintenance, that beautiful flooring you once had can turn into an eyesore that affects your business’s image.  Not only that, the cost of replacing flooring is a waste of thousands of dollars that would be better off being used to grow your business.  

Munroe’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning understands your business’s flooring needs. At Munroe’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning we not only maintain a healthy indoor environment to prolong the life of your commercial flooring, we also protect your investment and image. 

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

When we clean offices and commercial venues we use state-of-the-art equipment designed for detailed cleaning with fast dry times. Fast dry times allow your business to continue running with little or no down time.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Our staff is comprised of commercial carpet cleaning experts with years of industry knowledge and experience. They utilize the most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning methods available for your business.  These methods include steps we have taken to be as "green" as possible.  In light of this, Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC has made a commitment to use products that are Earth-friendly. Take our microfiber cloths for example; we have developed and integrate a unique color-coded system into our cleaning routine which was created to prevent cross-contamination. Another way we are eco-friendly "green cleaners" is by using an EPA registered multi-purpose cleaner. This product is a "green cleaning product" because it utilizes a concentrated hydrogen peroxide base providing a deeper clean, without leaving any residue on your flooring surfaces. Our commercial carpet cleaning products provide thorough and safe cleaning to eliminate odors, sanitize and provide a safe and secure workplace.

Employee Health

Healthy employees are always a positive! With routine commercial carpet cleaning comes a healthy workplace. Employees and visitors track in debris such as dirt, bacteria, allergens and more. Over time this dirt and debris builds up not just on the floor but in the air and ventilation systems. This build up in the air causes a decline in the air quality which, you guessed it, has a negative impact on your employees health. Studies have shown that routine commercial carpet cleaning can improve air quality. You are contributing to your employees’ health and general welfare by keeping your carpets and floors clean.

Munroe's Cleaning Services LLC provides the following carpet cleaning services:

  • Routine vacuuming*

  • Spot treatments

  • Stain removal

  • High-traffic area cleaning

  • Hot-water extraction

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Area Rug Cleaning

  • Cubicle cleaning

* part of our commercial cleaning services

If you are in the Whitmore Lake, Michigan area and need a local carpet cleaner, contact us today.

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